Within easy access from the UK, Brittany is the most popular holiday destination for families travelling with young children to France.

Firstly, you need to ensure that everybody in your party has a valid passport, even a baby requires their own child passport to travel abroad. There is some effort involved but the passport will be valid for five years. Visit the Post Office website for more details, www.postoffice.co.uk

We can highly recommend travelling with Brittany Ferries, with no restrictions on baggage allowances (other than the size of your own car-boot!), no lengthy delays in departure lounges, you can enjoy the freedom of taking your vehicle from your own front door right to the holiday accommodation, safe in the knowledge that the car is filled with everything you and your family will need during your stay. Guests often add a top-box for extra space and many families bring their own bikes; children love the freedom of cycling around the safe roads of the campsite, although bike hire is available on the park.

Brittany Ferries

Our younger passengers find the ferry crossing a real adventure, with the excitement of travelling to another country, panoramic views of the English Channel and the French culture on-board, it all makes for a memorable experience. There are many activities on most ships to keep the children occupied, including play areas, games areas, live entertainment, free Wi-Fi and a cinema. Services and facilities vary from ship to ship; you can check on-line at www.brittany-ferries.co.uk

Stella from Benodet Breaks travelled last summer when her baby was 12 weeks old; ‘we travelled with Brittany Ferries and the staff on-board could not have been more helpful. We mentioned at check-in that we had a young baby and they ensured we had plenty of room around our vehicle to get out the baby car-seat, changing bag, overnight bag etc. We headed straight for our cabin where for a small charge we had also reserved a travel cot for our overnight sailing; it was all prepared in the cabin, complete with bedding and sheets’.

Daytime cabins can be booked from £22 per crossing and we find it’s money well spent. It’s great to have a private room to change nappies, feed etc and have a shower and freshen up if you get the chance. For those that choose to travel without a cabin, there are changing facilities onboard and a microwave for warming your babies’ feeds.

At Camping Port de Plaisance Benodet, travel cots, bed rails and high-chairs can all be reserved for you. Please book these when you confirm your holiday with us as we have a limited number for hire. You will need to bring your sheets and bedding for your baby.

With a little careful planning, travelling with small children shouldn’t be too onerous; plan ahead and allow enough time for toilet and meal stops. The only complaint that we get from the parents is that there is so much for the children to do once they arrive at the Port de Plaisance resort that they can’t get them off the campsite!

Bon Vacances en famille.